Sunday, September 21, 2008

baby's best friend

Well it's been a bit since I've talked about Fee's milestones. To catch you up, he's got 2 bottom teeth now (and oh what sharp little teeth they are!), he can crawl, pull up to standing and he's saying a few words (dada, hey, yay!, hi).

With his new found mobility we also have a heightened interest in the dogs, namely Luna, our greyhound. Our other dog Noodle doesn't hang around for very long if he sees Fee coming at him (can't say I blame him) so at this point it's really all about Luna.

This afternoon Fee had a great time crawling up to and "talking" to Luna. It was really sweet, I only wish that I had taken video of the encounter but I think that the pics convey how cool this moment really was.

Exhibit A:


Rachel said...

Oh, my gods, I love this picture of Fee. It is priceless.

jay mcg said...

we have several good ones posted to the flickr site (see link @ top right of the main blog page). my favs are the ones where luna's ears are up like radar, "tuning in" ... :-D

ambika said...

Cutest. Picture. Ever.