Tuesday, December 9, 2008

christmas comes early

I gave J one of his bday gifts a little early (his actual bday is 12/15). we had decided to hijack the tail end of Fenix's party to celebrate J's birthday as well. Our friends were giving him gifts so I decided to give him his big gift (a Wii). I guess he got caught up in all of the gift giving so he gave me one of my Christmas gifts early.

These wooden hoops from Leviticus Jewelry:

I love them! They feel so light on your ears - I kept touching my earlobes all through the next day to be sure that they hadn't fallen out.

Now that I have these it's kinda piqued my interest in other wooden jewelry items. Check out some of these:

from etsy seller carpedraco

from etsy seller ZsBcreations

from etsy seller effiehandmade

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ambika said...

The pendant with the circles is too neat--I like those cube earrings too--simple & perfect.