Thursday, October 4, 2007

music. makes the people. come together.

I wonder what kind of music Fenix will be into. I hope I am not one of those lame parents that says shit like "your music sounds like noise to me" but alas I think that is the destiny of all parents. But what I can and intend to do that my parents did not do for me is humor my children's taste in music. I will take them to their first concert (no matter how much that music makes my ears bleed) and I will give them money to buy crappy cd's or download awful singles off Itunes. It's in writing here, so if you ever see me changing my tune you can send the url to this post to Fenix as proof.

Anyway after a brief dark period where nothing new was piquing my interest, I feel like I've rediscovered music again and it all sounds so good!

On my way into work I started thinking about what my fantasy concert lineup would look like. Here is what I came up with (and yes there are some defunct bands in there but who cares, it's my fantasy!):

The Smiths
Sparta / At the Drive In /Mars Volts
Sonic Youth
Stone Roses
Film School
A Tribe Called Questjavascript:void(0)
Publish Post
The Roots
Jose Gonzales
Slow Dive
My Bloody Valentine
Cake (this lineup needs some levity)
Jesus and Mary Chain
Curtis Mayfield (this lineup needs some old soul)

I think a line up like this would make me so happy. I'm serious. I'd leave the venue glowing and elated. Concert promoters of the world, you can make it happen.

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