Thursday, October 18, 2007

scary thursday

So we just got back from L&D. That's right, you read correct, L&D. I had some weird weird stuff happen over the last two days. I got to freaking out about it so I called the midwifery. Well apparently I was right to freak. Worst case scenario, I lost my mucous plug and was leaking amniotic fluid. Best case scenario I am officially incontinent and was just pissing myself. TMI, I know but that was the deal and I was very very nervous.

Well we rushed down there to the birthing center. And you should know that I sobbed uncontrollably the whole way. It's crazy how scared and worried I was. I'm only 27 weeks along... I kept saying to myself that I can't have this baby now.

Turns out it was not the worst case (not the aforementioned incontinence either). I just have a simple infection that can be fixed with a dose of antibiotics. Thank the lord.

One cool thing about today is that they hooked me up to the fetal monitor so we got to hear his little heart beating and all of his little kicks and punches and hiccups in real time. That was pretty neat. I hope I don't have to see that place again for at least another 11 weeks. At that point it will be the right time :)

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