Friday, August 1, 2008

awesome little moments

Earlier this week Fenix and I were in the store looking to buy new clothes for him. This particular store usually plays some pretty awful 'lite fm' style music that is hardly tolerable. But while we were browsing this one really great old song came on.... "You've Got a Friend" (James Taylor and Carole King).

At some point I ended up getting really into it and I was singing out loud to Fenix who was sitting in his carseat on the shopping cart. I think he was digging it too because he was smiling and laughing so much as I sang.

That's when someone came by and totally caught me and started cracking up laughing at this spectacle.

What an awesome little moment that was. I haven't stopped hearing that song in my head ever since.

So I hope you have a happy Friday and to get your weekend going I'll leave you with this:

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jay mcg said...

reese, you're such a great mom. thank you. i love you so much.