Friday, August 8, 2008

Jay McG, I.T. Project Manager

so... remember this?

It took some time - good things always do, right? - but in the few months since that post I found a position in my company that I would kick ass at... and since I'd already worked for the hiring director for a year and a half, I felt pretty comfortable inquiring about the position.

my background, going back to good old rockefeller center in nyc, is in facilities management. facilities management is essentially project management about facilities-related projects. however, a generic project manager in any industry will have more earning potential than a generic facilities manager. so, I was looking for my "facilities project manager job" to bridge the gap for me between facility management and project management... and huzzah! I just got there this week.

the job I just left was an interesting one. it was a lot of fun in a number of ways but there was way more work than could be done well in a week, and - much worse than that - no room for growth. so, after the last reorg, I updated my resume - shit, I updated my resume between when I got the news and when I blogged about it - and started looking.

so... I got the PM job but they made me wait until my backfill/replacement/successor was hired before I could transition into the new role. that person started in mid-July so we had a few weeks to cross-train and I moved on to the new gig just yesterday. the new job is in a different building than I used to work in, so I had to give up my gigantic 64 square foot cube – with a window! – and move to a different building into a 48 square foot cube - without a window. ah, well, the sacrifices we make. maybe I should "get migraines" so that I "require access to natural light". just kidding. apparently there are more moves coming and my new department allocates space based on company seniority... with 27 months in already I might actually get a window spot soon. lets just hope I'm not sharing a cube wall with my boss, right?

this new floor is OK. the real estate group recently swapped out all the furniture on the floor, so at least my desk isn't like a hundred years old and smells like old coffee and farts. but... there's an interesting vibe on the floor. actually, it is the floor. the floor in the kitchens and mail rooms... check out how awful it is:

ugh. vertigo-city. doesn't that make you want to puke? apparently they're going to swap it out for something less hideous... with next year's budget.

so anyway, here I am, all dressed up for the ball but still waiting for my ride... they're starting me out fairly slowly to get me acclimated. which is to say that I've got time to make a blog post on a weekday morning. crazy.

want to give a quick shout out to our new favorite blog, cakewrecks

... and this, this just just cool as all hell... slow-motion lightning:

so that's it! happy eight-eight-eight, happy olympics, happy friday.

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