Monday, October 13, 2008

Ah, October.

I love the fall. It carries with it the promise of soup cooked in crock pots and spiced apple cider. The inherent fun-ness of Halloween parties, where adults can recapture a few minutes of their childhood, simply by playing dress-up.

Two pictures for you today, both Halloween themed. Both pics are “from the cell phone” so forgive the picture quality. . . the first is my best pumpkin carving from last year. The second is a showcase of Reese’s mad sewing skillz and a preview of little Fenix’s Halloween 2008 costume.

Welcome to October, the best month of the year!


jay mcg said...

now if I can just harness Reese's sewing skills... for evil.

Lauren said...

oh holy crap. fenix's costume is going to be the best ever.

Reese McG said...

wait til you see the beard that i made for him. i almost died from the cuteness.