Thursday, October 16, 2008


we were at the park recently and... who knew that people strapped a harness on, tied themselves to a kite, and went boarding? wtf? there were a ton of people on the water doing this and on the beach prepping to go in or winding down after a spell. just watching it seemed to me incredibly more intensive than snowboarding, which can be a heckofa workout.

check out this one (you may need to click to enlarge)... check out the air!

and here's one last one for ya....

...aaaand here's my take on the best of the tubes from yesterday:
from the cooking department: cheezburger not ripe yet
from the "my wife would divorce me for that" department:

My favorite phrase is “tacitly inciting lunatics to violence”... see Keith Olbermann does it again.

trains are fun: don't you think?


Haydee said...

this is actually a comment sight around these parts. it's pretty see all the kites over the ocean against a clear blue sky.

jay mcg said...

we'd never even heard of this stuff before! reese and I kept trying to figure out what it was called... then a couple weeks after we were at the park she looked up from the computer and exclaimed KITEBOARDING! and of course I knew right away what she was talking about.