Sunday, November 4, 2007

and now my ears are warm

I finished knitting the headband that I mentioned in my last post.

It came out really great in spite of the fact that I used different yarn than what was called for in the pattern and I neglected to do a gauge swatch first. It came out a little big but I washed it in hot water which shrunk it down quite a bit and gave it a nice felted look.

The finished product:

I used a little red plastic rose button as a fastener:

Ready for a cold damp Seattle day:


shiny said...

I love the detail of the rose button. it's adorable. is this gonna be sold on the etsy site too?

Reese McG said...

most likely it will be. i just made this one as a prototype and i will make another right away to try and refine the look/feel. but ultimately, yes, they are quick to make so i'd love to sell them on etsy.

Haydee said...

sweet. something to keep my ears warm while still looking chic.

tyesha said...

i like it. i want one in red! i always cover my ears i can't stand the wind going in but hats make be look like Homey the Clown. Nice job.

Haydee said...

GUESS WHAT? I saw these sold at Urban Outfitters. $16!!!