Monday, November 12, 2007

maternity clothes rave - target!

Long gone are my days of insisting on only wearing certain clothing brands (god, I can't believe I used to be like that - oh the materialism!)

Now I've adopted a much more economical approach to clothes shopping. Particularly in the area of maternity clothing. Are the maternity style seven jeans really cute? Yes. Does the baby style site have the trendiest maternity wear I have ever seen? Yes. Will I be buying any of that stuff? NO.

So I went to Target on Saturday to get a few things.. namely a coat because this business of having a coat that won't close in the front is so not cute.

I got this:

and this:

Both were under $20 and fit really nicely. The cut is such that I plan to wear them post baby too!

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Haydee said...

very cute items doll. I can def. see them worn post baby.