Wednesday, January 23, 2008

6 weeks & 6 days

Tee brought Fee to the doc yesterday. The FANTASTIC news is that he's now up to 7 pounds 8 ounces! He gained 22 ounces in the 14 days since his previous appointment, and since the doc wants him to be putting on +/- an ounce a day, he's doing really really well there.

Also, it was time for some more vaccinations. yay! Outside of the Daffy Duck band-aids, which were awesome, 'nix didn't really dig that whole "getting injected with stuff" thing. Buy hey, now he won't get polio, so it's worth it. Every time we moved him yesterday - moved him like, an inch - he screamed and cried. and screamed and cried. then screamed and cried some more. Whew. Poor little guy.

We gave him a little bit of infant Tylenol to take the edge off (I wanted to give him vodka but Theresa was insistent – gosh!). that was definitely the funniest part of yesterday. I picked up the infant Tylenol on the way home from work. The flavor choices were grape and cherry. Grape, obviously, is reserved for cough medicine, so I picked up the cherry flavor.

Yesterday was the first time that Fee has had anything other than boob juice or formula. Using a little dropper Tee put some in his mouth, like a quarter of a teaspoon or something, and he spent a couple minutes rolling it around in his mouth, looking around, trying to figure it out. The look on his face! The wonderment! What IS this? So, so, so, so cute. Priceless. Then I put him back on my shoulder and of course, the screaming and the crying.

Eventually, of course, he settled down and we ended up having a mostly uneventful overnight. A little more screaming than normal, sure, but not as bad those first few hours home from the doc’s.

Now, yay, I’m back at work while Tee and Fee are asleep at home. Wish I was there.

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