Wednesday, January 9, 2008

dammit anthony i love you

Sorry to say but if J ever takes the big dirt nap I'll make it my business to track down Mr. Bourdain and make him my second husband.

Yes, I know he looks like he wreaks of cigarettes and cheap whiskey but there is just something about him. Christ, I'm in love. Plus he's from Bergen County, NJ... birthplace of all rad persons such as myself.

I watch his show on the travel channel almost everyday like the good little groupie that I am.

Anthony Bourdain's blog


Haydee said...

OH.GOD.YES. I want him so bad. I tell M he's my "free pass boyfriend". I love him.

Lauren said...

I KNOW! He is my one true chef love. Notice how I qualify him as my "chef love". Yessss. I just finished reading Kitchen Confidential - the love is even stronger now. He is coming to Seattle this summer for a speaking engagement...stay tuned for details!

jay mcgee said...

um... hello? yes, hello. I'm feeling GOOD today. yes indeedy. my wife loves me, right? RIGHT?!

Reese McG said...

yeah yeah you're great and all that. ;-)