Friday, February 22, 2008

going home....

So we just bought our tickets to fly back home (well my home at least) to nyc. God I miss it so much. We will get to meet my sister's twin babies that will be brand new when we arrive and we will get to see all of our friend's and family that we miss so much. This will be Fenix's first official visit to the big apple and the first time he'll get to meet alot of his maternal family.

Anyway here's a list of things that I am looking foward to:
Food from a real Jewish deli (knish! matzo ball soup!!)
Baumgart's in Englewood
Rockefeller Center (Jason and I both worked here)
H&M on 5th avenue
Jersey accents
The shore
My family
Aggro drivers
The subway
The PATH train
The skyline

Sigh... I can't wait :-)

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