Wednesday, February 27, 2008

non-sequiturs from dads week as primary care provider

This has been an interesting week for good ol dad here. It's been a weird role reversal with me hanging out at home and Reese going to the j-o-b. Hang on, Fenix just peed through all his clothes. stop peeing! how many times do I have to tell you? gosh!

side note, those g-diapers (previously referenced here: are actually way cool. it's all the convenience of a disposable diaper but the environmental goodness of, say, using toilet paper when you go. good stuff. a little weird to get used to but so's deep fried ice cream, right?

like I said, though, it's been an interesting week. I've developed a better method of outfit changes (arm-head-arm not head-arm-arm: believe it!), enhanced my appreciation for Reese and all that she does as well as definitely enhanced my appreciation for how what I do before I leave for work on a daily basis can positively/negatively impact mom and son, and have gotten WAY better at doing stuff one-handed.

The morning routine for the person going to work involves feeding the cats and dogs, taking the dogs out for their morning constitutional, kicking Noodle in the face (optional), making bottles for the day, and bringing breakfast to the person staying home (breakfast in bed! - not as opulent as it sounds)

stuff I can do with one hand while holding The Future President Of The United States:
do laundry
make espresso
wash one hand
daydream about sleep
prepare for diaper change
clean puke off myself or others
stick the pacifier in the food hole
beat the everloving snot out of the white dog (optional)

fenix is growing so fast! it's kind of surreal to experience. this whole parenthood thing is a trip. all this stuff that we're going through, most of it anyway, just about every other parent alive went through the same stuff. doesn't make it any less dramatic or interesting or scary or whatever for us, though.

fenix is stingy with the burps sometimes. you need to SHARE, buddy. dont bottle it up inside. the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem.

ok, thats all for me (for now). take care!


Lauren said...

fenix sez: touchdown!

Reese McG said...

poor noodle. he's just misunderstood. (mostly)

tyesha said...

i see a book deal in your future if you keep writing great posts like that. keep it up! (without the animal abuse though)

ps. don't forget about the blanket trick to get the white one to be still.