Tuesday, November 18, 2008

do me a solid, huh?

hey all,

please do me a favor TODAY... go here and vote for David Cameron. he's one of the talented authors of the USSMariner blog, which has been a faithful companion of mine for many, many years. He's got the chance for a $10,000 scholarship and for a dude that's currently in school, that's a big deal.

please please please go here and vote for David Cameron today, before the voting closes. do it from work and again from home if you can!

thanks all,


Haydee said...

I "think" I voted. I clicked on his name and it just gave a percentage of who voted for him. Does that mean I voted for him?

jay mcg said...

that's weird... I'm not sure. thank you for trying, anyway... and, and, and... and tell your friends! sigh.