Saturday, November 29, 2008

How was your holiday?

We just got back from Portland this afternoon. Our thanksgiving dinner was a demonstration in excess. We also managed to work bacon into almost every single dish which is both deplorable and magnificent, no? Portland is such a great city, I can really see us living there.

So we brought the dogs down and they had a good time too though Noodle managed to o.d. on wild mushrooms and got violently ill in the house. That was disgusting, sad and funny all at the same time. On Friday we went down to the Pearl to do some shopping. I had high hopes to buy some cute clothes or housewares but everything I loved was too expensive (what a surprise :-/). We ended Friday night with drinks and several rounds of pool at a new lounge in Alberta called Soi Cowboy - the space is cute, the bartender is friendly and the food is very delicious.

That about sums up our holiday. I hope yours was full of good food and good times.
In parting I leave you with a pictorial review of the weekend:

noodle wearing rudi's wig:

on a nature walk:

fenix, ready to put away some turkey:


dezinebyjen said...

Mine was very tame, we hung out at the BIL's. Turkey was good.

That puppy is so cute, I want to kidnap it!

jay mcg said...

the funniest thing about noodle (the pup) is that he has ADD... he completely cannot focus. he's very sweet and happy, but if there's a sound in another room or whatever ZOOM he's off to check it out. it's hilarious in a way.

dezinebyjen said...

That is hilarious. My friend's maltese has ADD as well. Just spins and spins and spins(literally spins in circles) until he gets distracted, then repeats again when he's distracted.

Melora said...

Hello McGs. Our Holiday was an exercise in beer-brined, beer-basted local goodness. Almost as good as bacon with a side of bacon.

We hear your on Portland - give a few years and we can all migrate together.

See you at the big birthday!