Sunday, November 30, 2008

shopaholics of the world, unite and take over

We were out doing a bit of retail therapy today. After visiting my friend in her cute home I got inspired to work a little bit more at making our home look inviting and warm.

After Fenix came we really got lazy and stopped putting any effort into making things look nicer around the house. It's terrible and it really shows.

So today we went out and did a bit of shopping. The primary goal of the trip was to purchase a gift for Fenix's first birthday. We got something very awesome for him but I'll post a picture of it when I write about his birthday party (next weekend!).

I also stopped at Anthropologie to see what goodies were on sale and I was definitely pleased with what I found.

Dishes marked down from $10 each to $1.95:

I also picked up some really beautiful tea towels to replace our generic, dingy ones and a ceramic citrus reamer because we broke our old one - all deeply discounted.

After Anthro we moved on to World Market where we picked up a loveseat (also a sleeper sofa!) for just $399. It matches the sofa that we already have and it will fill the void left by the large and uncomfortable leather chair that we recently sold on Craigslist.

I still have a bit of shopping to do - a few things to put in Fee's and J's stocking, presents for J and our friends and a few more items like new throw pillows and a less intrusive coffee table but that'll all have to wait til the next paycheck! Feel free to share your sale finds in the comments section. Happy shopping!


tyesha said...

hey cool, sleeper sofa! we will be the first to try it on Sat.

i love the dishes super cute!

dezinebyjen said...

I love Anthro, I have a reason to go now.

Love the colors! I bought some soy sauce dish? (I honestly don't know what its for and use them as mini soap dish) and wine stoppers on sale last year.