Monday, December 1, 2008

surely it is made from solid gold

I was browsing Ohdeedoh and I came across this post about Lisa Mahar the owner of Kid O.
The post featured photos of her beautiful town house and links back to an article on New York Social Diary about her. I'm not too jazzed about her points of view but I definitely see some value in a few of the things that she had to say.

One thing that really caught my attention was this photo of her children's beds:

I love the simple design of this bed! Your toddler can't fall out because of the high walls, the entire unit is very low to the ground and on casters so it can be easily moved. Upon further investigation I found that the bed is sold online at Generate. All for the low, low price of $1399.00.

Why does a little kid need a $1400 bed?! I'll never know. I asked J how much it would cost for him to make a replica and he said about $200. Ridiculous. Fenix is getting the homemade replica.


jay mcg said...

sure it's like 176th on the priority list, but I'll post some pics when we get there. each bed looks to be 2 sheets of plywood plus 4 casters, plus maybe some scrap wood. then of course finish and glue and nails and whatnot. by far the most expensive part of the equation is the wood used... but you can get crazy awesome fantastic plywood if you decide to spend $200 per sheet.

or you can be normal and get great stuff for $70 a sheet. or you can be rustic and spend $40 a sheet.

it's all about taste, you know?

mbo said...

Wow, love them:) Something to put on my "When I win the lottery List"!!

Reese McG said...

yeah, i guess i should start playing the lottery or i'm never going to win. it bums me out that things are so out of hand that a company can charge $1400 for a kids bed. seems wrong in every way. maybe if i was rich i'd be singing a different tune!

jill said...

that woman's house in gorgeous, but her kids are going to hate her when they get older. mark my words.

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