Monday, June 25, 2007

an open letter to maternity care providers

Dear OB and Midwife,
I am very tired. And cranky. I keep trying to make my first big prenatal appointment with you but apparently I picked the most popular providers in the Seattle Metro area so this proved to be very difficult. OB - even when I nailed you down to a date, you called me the day before to tell me that you made a mistake and it would be another week. Since I have to take time off of work to make these appointments (remember, you don't have weekend hours!), this is a real hassle for me.

I know... I know. You have all delivered lots of babies. It's old hat to you. But this is my first. And I'm in my 10th week and I still don't have any of my questions answered. I still don't know anything about this pregnancy except what you told me on the 10 min visit that I had last week where I forced you to see me. And thank goodness that I did, if not for that I'd know nothing.

And Midwife - I know it's not your fault but when I called your office today to ask a question your staff confused the hell out of me. Please understand that this is my very first pregnancy and I do not know what the hell I am doing. Your guidance is imperative. But if only I could actually meet with you perhaps I could get some.

I know that I am rambling. But I guess all I'm asking is that you all be a little more patient... a little more understanding. I am excited and terrified. I just want some reassurance that I am doing everything right at this very critical time in my pregnancy.

reese mcg

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