Friday, September 7, 2007

pregnant in america

I had to do another xpost from a pregnancy forum that I frequent.
It seems that there is this movie coming soon called "Pregnant in America". It explores how certain medical interventions during pregnancy and childbirth are being overused to generate revenue... at the expense of mother and baby. I wholeheartedly believe this to be true and absolutely cannot wait to see this film.

I am shocked by the amount of people that don't know what a midwife is or more importantly how many are opposed to using one. Even more still there are those that are opposed to the idea of a non hospital birth and furthermore many women don't even have any other options besides a hospital birth. I feel fortunate that I live in a forward thinking city where I have tons of natural and holistic care options.

It makes me sad that we have gotten so far away from how things used to be. Yes, mother's dying during childbirth is now a rarity and that is a great thing. And we are able to find out about dangerous problems that affect the fetus well before a mother delivers, also fantastic. But there has to be a middle ground where people don't feel that they have to accept a ceasarean, submit to tests or take pain management drugs out of fear rather than for a really good reason.

Anyway click here to see the trailer for the movie.

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tyesha said...

this looks awesome. my mom almost died due to a rushed doctor trying to push things along. doctors don't necessarily belong in the birth equation. they can be helpful and harmful.