Wednesday, July 11, 2007

i'm a pacifist

I really am. But I don't know how I feel about pacifiERS.
Some schools of thought for modern day child rearing feel that they are totally unnecessary tools that could lead to nipple confusion and other problems with breast feeding. I don't know what I think because I don't have any frame of reference for this particular issue.

My mom tells a story about when I was an infant and I had a favorite paci. It was the only one I liked. I would howl and cry unless I had it. She describes it as a 'hideous bulbous thing'. Nice. Anyway if the paci ever fell on the floor it was a race to get, it wash it and shove it back in my pie hole before I could start really screaming. If the god forsaken thing got misplaced a search party was formed to locate it as quickly as possible before I could notice that it was missing. Ahh I must have been a delightful baby.

So bottom line, if I do decide to use a pacifier with my baby it has to meet two requirements. It needs to be able to be attachable so that it can't get lost, and it has to stay clean. I mean we keep a clean house but trust me anything that hits our floor is sure to come up with a fine covering of pet hair. But now there is this nifty invention (thanks lady from the pregnancy forum that clued me in on it).

The KeepitKleen pacifier. A protective shield closes over the nipple if it hits the floor. Very clever... very useful:

For more info on this pacifier click here.


jay mcgee said...

hey that's cool!!

Lolly said...

germs are good for kids. let them eat hair and dirt!

shiny said...

that's really clever!! I have to tell Michelle about this! H