Monday, July 30, 2007

fenix rising

At the risk of seeming like pot head hippie parents, we are going for a rather unconventional name with an unconventional spelling. The name is Fenix. And I said that "we" are going for the name but actually I am the one that really wants this name. Jason is in "lets think about it" mode which is fine (but we are using that name dammit!).
The name works for a girl or a boy. I'm so sold on this name that I am even willing to forfeit my rights to selecting a middle name.

Anyway that's what I want.


shiny said...

Hey my cousin just named their daugher Phoenix. Never heard of Fenix. Very unique.

jay mcgee said...

the idea with Fenix not Phoenix is that kids will be able to spell it by looking at it, and hopefully not beat on and/or tease for having a dumb name. hey, at least it's not Mortimer, right?

Anita said...

Ok, here's the problem with telling people what names you're thinking of BEFORE the kid is born. Everyone feels like they have the right to vote or voice their opinion, when really, who gives a shit what we think? Right? That said, what happened to Maceo and Quinn? Those names kick ass!

Tricia said...

I was looking for a glass bain-marie and stumbled upon your blog. You reminded me of my good friend from a while ago, Joy. I knew a woman who had 2 children- Phoenix Rising and Spiral Walking in Balance. I believe that the first is the title of a book from 10-15+ years ago.