Saturday, July 12, 2008

breakfast crisp and smitten kitchen love

I really dig the blog Smitten Kitchen. It is my go to place for dinner ideas and cooking techniques. The author has great taste in food and her photos make your stomach grumble with hunger.

I was looking for a recipe that used apricots as I had found some nice organic specimens at the market. I went with a recipe called Breakfast Crisp and it was delicious. I have since made this recipe with nectarines/blackberry combo and a peach/raspberry comb.

It is delicious with a dollop of plain yogurt on top and can serve as a breakfast or a dessert.

The process is simple and after making it twice I needn't look at the recipe because I have all of the steps memorized. Furthermore, a well stocked pantry would have all of the necessary ingredients on hand so this is a great thing to whip up on a whim.

What you do:
Cut up the fruit into small-ish pieces - if the fruit is very soft, like apricots, you can just tear it up with your hands.

Next you make the topping. The recipe calls for turbinado sugar but you can sub in regular sugar. I always have turbinado sugar in our pantry so I've never subbed. So why don't you just buy some?

After you've made the topping assemble the whole thing and shove it in the oven. A few notes though.... I noticed that with the peach/raspberry combo, there was a bit of liquid pooled at the bottom. I think next time I will use more flour than the recipe calls for.

I never wait for this to cool down because I am usually making it when I am hungry and I end up hovering near the oven til it's done but the Smitten Kitchen post says that it's even better the next day and I tend to agree.

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jay mcg said...

omg SO GOOD you don't know what you're missing. make it today