Saturday, July 5, 2008

Tater tots

so we're in portland this weekend. we went exploring on saturday and "the ladies" (link, link, link) kept getting distracted by boutique shops and wandering around inside. that's great and everything, but "the boys" (link and link) wanted nothing to do with boutique shops, in that they are boring as hell.

boutique number 27 was next to a pub so we said "the next boutique you go into that's next to a pub, we're drinking"... as it turns out, boutique 32 was next to a pub, so in we went. the pub was great. it had a few things for us, among them:

so we had a pint and played a game whist we waited for the ladies. what in gods name do they do in those places anyway?

then the ladies arrived and it got crazy. crazy! the jukebox got turned on! they ordered tater tots! there was a baby in the bar!

the tater tots were awesome and the music was good and the company was great and my kid was allowed in the pub until 9pm. now that's living.

in researching this post I found this cute biography of the tater tot on the curiously ravenous blog.


jay mcg said...

I want a house that's big enough for a pool table.

Reese McG said...

you should spell check. just sayin.