Tuesday, July 1, 2008

holy shit, it's july!

traditionally, summer doesn't start in the Seattle area until July 5th. It's kind of a joke here, that it will remain gray and a little rainy up to, and including, the 4th of July (usually). many / most Independence days growing up included socks, long pants, jackets, and baseball hats to keep the drizzle off my face. that's just how it is in seattle. it's how we roll.

mind you, up until June 18th it was the coldest start to the year in recorded fucking history in this town. as is routine, there was no real transition from winter to spring this year... but there was a noticeable turn from spring to summer over the last ten days or so. now - all of a sudden - it's been hot and dry here, hot enough to set records.

I'm sure this has nothing whatsoever to do with global warming, which - obviously - is Made Up To Instill Fear In The Hearts Of Everyday Americans. if you believe that global warming exists then You're Helping The Terrorists Win. donut help the terrorists! go buy that hummer today. what with the discounts and things they practically cost the same as an accord, and I'm *positive* that gas prices won't top four bucks a gallon before... wait, what's that? what'd you say? they're already at... really? are you sure? hmph. i don't believe you. neither does my man johnnie mac. well, johnnie just doesn't know, but that's ok. wapner's almost on.

anyhoo, it's july! NaBloPoMo month again! this month it's FOOD. so most importantly, we'll be posting daily, and we'll be posting about food. this will probably turn into "what we ate for dinner last night and a rant on an unrelated topic"... last night was a homemade italian sub while we waited for someone to come test drive the jeep we have for sale. eff you, craigslist jerk who stood us up!

and the "rant of the day"... well, see above.

Looking forward to a month of food and beverage posts!


Rachel said...

jay mcg, i love it that y'all are gettin' back into it. you and reese make me LOL.

jay mcg said...

aww! we miss you, rachel. yer a good egg.