Sunday, July 6, 2008


it's been a yogurt-themed day today.

first I ran across this interesting post over at the curiously ravenous blog for those of you interested in making your own yogurt. reese used to make hers, many a year ago, and perhaps she'll make some more soon.

for the rest of us... you know "activa"... the new-ish yogurt made by dannon that claims to help with the making of your boom-boom's? slate, always a fun site to check out, had a great article reviewing the health claims made by dannon and their accuracy.

enjoy today, yogurt-y goodness.


jay mcg said...

I tried Activa for a time and "it worked" but then reese pointed out that every yogurt has active bacteria, so I switched to a different yogurt that was organic and wasn't quite so "processed". that "also worked".

and by "worked"...what I mean is "we'll leave it at that".

Reese McG said...

well i don't know if *every* yogurt has it but the brands that i eat always do.

Lauren said...

boom boom room!

Reese McG said...

boom boom buffet, even!