Wednesday, August 1, 2007

the quickening

That's what they call it, you know? When the baby starts to move and flutter around in the womb? It's called quickening. I felt it for the first time today. Actually I think that I've felt it earlier this week but I was afraid to assume that it was the baby because I didn't want to jump the gun. However after talking to my midwife, I'm pretty sure this is what I feel. It feels like the teeniest tap tap tapping from the inside. It is a pretty distinct feeling so I'm pretty sure about it. That being said, I think I sort of brought this on. I had the most intense craving for coca cola today (I know I know but my midwife said it was ok to have once in a while). I don't even drink the stuff when I'm not pregnant so why in the world am I craving it now?! It tasted pretty good going down though, I gotta say.

So about 10 mins after I drank it, I start feeling this weird little tapping. Almost like little fingers drumming on my middle from the inside. Sorry kid, you aren't even born and I already got you hopped up on the caffeine.

Anyway it was awesome... I can't wait til Jason can feel the kicking/punching from the outside!

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jay mcgee said...

i felt it, i felt it! :)