Thursday, August 30, 2007

and who doesn't love a new bag

There was a time when I was obsessed with handbags and shoes. It was out. of. hand. I've settled down in my old age but once a year I get the old itch again for a nice new handbag-- Actually it happens much more often when it comes to shoes but I digress....

So yesterday I took a walk with my friend and coworker Andie and went over to Westlake center to look for a new bag. (Andie you are an excellent shopping companion, btw). The bag I was looking for had to serve two functions. It had to be cute and mostly leather (I'm tired of looking like a bike messenger with my dingy canvas timbuk2 bag) and it needed to be large (it needs to serve as a diaper bag when Fenix comes).

But I hate the way that most diaper bags look and I didn't want to spend $350 on some crazy Micheal Kors tote (though I did covet one while I was shopping). But I did find something in the end. And it rocks:

It's a DKNY bag. The main part is akinda silky, black, coated canvas but the detailing is really soft leather and suede. The inside is a lovely light blue color. there are lots of neat hidden pockets on the inside for smaller items. And it is very large. It held a pair of wedge sandals, my lunch, a book, a magazine, a nalgene bottle full of water and my usual purse contents without issue.

Click here if you want one too.

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tyesha said...

nice find. black always works. and jason will feel comfortable holding it.