Sunday, August 12, 2007

baby beanies

So the nesting instinct is starting to kick in pretty hard. It's like a little domestic spark was lit somewhere deep inside and as it smolders I get inspired to do and make things that will welcome our little baby into this world. I have been knitting for about 2 years now but I honestly haven't done many projects. After I made a bunch of scarves I got really bored and started a sweater. I think the sweater was really challenging (double seed stitch, multi color kimono wrap sweater!) so I kinda stalled with the whole thing. I should have picked an easier project.

Anyway so a tiny beanie hat small enough for a newborn seemed like an easy way to:
-get back into knitting
-make something useful for our baby
-employ more knitting techniques (seaming, decreases)

Well mission accomplished. I made this really cute newborn sized beanie out of Bulky (5) light green bamboo yarn. It was only $2.99 p/skein at our local craft and fabric store.
For sizing I measured a fleece newborn hat that my husband bought on a whim and cast on the requisite amount of stitches(45 based on the circumference of the fleece hat) and knit the appropriate number of rows (based on the depth of the fleece hat). After knitting in stockinette for about 4 inches I k2tog across the entire next several rows until I was left with 1 stitch on my needle. I wove in the tail and seamed the selvage edges together.

It was cute as it was but I wanted to make it cuter so I cut out a bit of purple felt into the shape of a rough star and glued that with fabric glue to the top. This design has a lot of potential... Orange yarn and green felt for a pumpkin, purple yarn with green felt for an eggplant... and on and on it goes.

Here's a pic of the finished product:

Click here for the full set.


Lauren Daniels said...

so cute! you should make matching ones for you and j :)

tyesha said...

nice job. super cute.

seafairbride said...

Love the beanie! Where did you find bamboo so cheap? Good to see you're doing well.