Tuesday, August 14, 2007

more nauseating than morning sickness

So I just finished negotiating my maternity leave and post leave work schedule and god I felt like I'd throw up during that meeting!

I proposed the following:
- I would take 8 consecutive weeks of maternity leave (I get 12 but 6 are unpaid).
- One week prior to my due date I will begin working from home (to minimize the chances of me going into labor at my freaking desk.
- After I complete my 8 week leave I will go to a 2 days onsite, 3 days offsite work schedule.

What they agreed to:
Tentatively everything! Approval from the CTO is needed to seal the deal but my director says that he will sell it hard to him so he isn't too worried. Lord help me if he says no!
I also have to have a monthly status review where we agree to measurable goals and then each month they are assessed to determine whether or not I am keeping up my end of the bargain. Truth be told this feels a little unfair because it implies that just because I am not sitting at a desk in our office that I might be goofing off somewhere which just isn't like me. But it's not hurting me to do it so whatever as long as they agree to my terms.

I don't want to get my hopes up because the CTO could still put the hammer down and say no. I don't see that happening though only because there are a few others that have flex work schedules and that could get really sketchy. On the bright side, if he does say no at least I will know now before baby comes so I can start coming up with a different plan. Wish me luck!

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tyesha said...

that is great news! good luck.