Monday, August 6, 2007

half and half

So if you didn't know already, I am african american and my husband is white (Irish heritage). The most exciting part of this whole thing is wondering what our little one will look like. I could have a little brown baby or a very fair one. I'll be thrilled either way, I'm just eager to see how our genetic material homogenizes to make a new beautiful person.

I started googling around about mulitcultural children and I found this sweet sweet site. I want to order everything!

Cute tees for multicultural babies


Liana said...

fyi, mixie kids (and the adults they become) are the cutest people on the face of this planet... (yeah, ok, i'm a little biased!) the new mcg will be beautiful, no doubt.

Anita said...

No doubt! Marcos (1/2 Brazilian & 1/2 Japanese himself) calls it Hybrid Vigor. Hybrid Vigor = Extra Dose of Cuteness.

jay mcgee said...

I'm hoping for a black kid with blue eyes and red hair