Tuesday, August 14, 2007

big things happening

Next week is very big for us. It's the 20 week (actually it will be more like 18 week) ultrasound where we can find out the gender of the baby as well see all of it's little teeny parts. I am really excited about this. Pray that this little guy or girl will spread 'em so we can see what's doing down there.

So for those of you that don't know want to know the sex of the baby before it's born then beware when reading this blog because I'm going to post it.

I keep getting asked if I have a feeling about what the baby will be and I actually do. At first I was really into having a little boy but I keep having dreams about little baby girls. In my dreams the baby looks exactly like what I would imagine that a little baby that came from J and I would look like. She is light brown with curly hair like my beautiful friend. In my dreams this baby is the sweetest and cutest and most well behaved little creature that I have ever encountered (humor me, it's a dream).

This is a recurring dream and every time I wake up from it I feel like I just saw my own baby. It. feels. so. real. So that's why I'm thinking that we'll have a little girl.

Only 1 more week til we find out!!!!!

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Lauren said...

oooh i can't wait! what an exciting time. i'll be tuned in all next week!