Tuesday, December 18, 2007

blech. night sweats

So as if labor and childbirth are not enough for the woman's body, there is a whole bunch of stuff that happens to you postpartum that one must contend with.

I'm not going to get into most of it because it's very VERY tmi (lets just say that I had a small tear.... down there... from birthing his head). But there is this one thing that is happening to me that is particularly bizarre and annoying. Night sweats.

I wake up every night DRENCHED in sweat. I'm telling you that my tank top is wet to the touch and so are the sheets underneath me, my pillow and my hair. It is totally vile and god how I wish it would stop.

They warned me about this before I was discharged from the birthing center but I honestly had no frame of reference for how gross it would be. Apparently it's one of the ways (besides peeing) that your body gets rid of all the extra water that you retained during pregnancy. What I want to know is, how much farking water have I been holding on to? I feel like I'm getting the fire hose turned on me nightly.


Pamguin said...

Just be glad there's a tangible reason for the sweats and remember this in about 20 years when you're going through menopause! Also be thankful you're going through this in the summer, especially if you still lived back east!

Glad to see you and Fenix are doing well.

Pamguin said...

Sorry, meant to say "not" in the summer.