Monday, December 17, 2007

gaining and growing

Not much time to post these days but his royal highness is sleeping now so I thought I'd jump on.

We went to the doctor today and what a big boy we have! He gained 6 oz... I know that doesn't sound like alot but it's a big deal for a little guy that only weighed 4lbs 10oz a week ago.
Apparently babies gain something like an ounce a day if all is going well. And since we saw the doctor exactly one week ago, Fenix is doing great. I am so relieved and happy. The doctor said that he is very very healthy and all is well.

There was one hilarious moment in the newborn waiting room (separate from the regular waiting room to keep the little ones away from the big kid germs). There was another new baby... this guy was 3 weeks old. He was TWICE the size of Fenix. It was really funny. I mean I know that Fenix is small but he looked downright miniature next to this big baby.

The only down note is that we are supposed to limit contact with others until he is 2 months old! The doctor is concerned about him catching RSV and now I am too. If he gets even a little fever he will have to be hospitalized and I REALLY don't want that to happen. It's a bummer, I'd love to have people over to see him and hold him all the time but at the same time it is the height of cold and flu season and I would be so upset if he got sick. I feel like we dodged a bullet getting out of the hospital with no health problems. Sigh. WTF are we gonna do about Christmas?! My family is flying out and staying here. I will have to ask them to wear masks if they want to hold him. :-((( Sacrifices...


Haydee said...

oh, I just noticed that your delivery countdown is still up and Fenix isnt' supposed to be here for another 30 days!

Lauren said...

rats! i was hoping to come up and visit for a bit sometime soon - but better safe than sorry, i agree! hope all is well. xo