Monday, December 10, 2007

home again!

We were discharged from the birthing center today. W00t!
We actually ended up spending one night on another floor of the same building in a 'boarding room' that is used for parents whose babies need to spend time in the special care nursery. Thankfully Fenix did not need this type of care however given how early he was, the staff wanted to watch him for one more night even though they had already discharged me as a patient.

I will say that I was pretty frustrated with how things went for this one night in the boarding room. The nurses on that floor were not particular interested in supporting my efforts to breastfeed and supplement with formula. While I understand that the extra calories from the formula are a necessity given his low weight, I didn't appreciate the condescending attitude and overall dismissive tone that I was given every time the idea of breast feeding or even bottle fed breast milk came up. It was a total 180 degree change from the type of care we received just hours prior on a different floor of the same building. Bizarre...

Even worse still this morning we learned that parents of babies needing special care are only permitted to board for one night! It doesn't matter that there were NO OTHER BABIES in the nursery. One night is all you get. What if he needed 2 days? Or a week?!? I feel so blessed that he is thriving in spite of all the odds and that he was sent home with us today. I have my work cut out for me... making sure he gets everything he needs to keep gaining weight and growing but I am SO up for the challenge.

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Mom & Dad Snow in MN said...

Hi there baby Fenix. We just now saw the news on florid designs. The final leg of the trip to get home sounds frustrating but what a wonderful gift to bring home! Congratulations to your little family.