Monday, December 31, 2007

more caffeine please

We just got a nice new espresso machine. Ok well it's not brand new but it's gently used. J's coworker bought it, used it a handful of times and then traded up for a 900 dollar model. That's fine because I was really jonesing for an espresso machine... This is the one that I originally pined for:

But it's nearly 500 bucks and it only takes espresso pods. Lame. So we didn't get it.

So J started looking around only to find out that the highly regarded, $400 starbucks barista espresso machine was for sale on craigslist for just $150. So he asked a coworker who is a coffee expert (and former starbucks employee) and what do you know, she was selling the very same espresso machine for just $50!

Hello homemade hazelnut lattes! How I love you so.

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