Thursday, December 13, 2007

um. i'm tired

So this whole 24/7 baby care thing is interesting. I certainly was warned enough that it would be hard so no surprise there. The funny thing is that it's not just an issue of sleep deprivation. There is also this thing that happens where you totally lose track of days and hours... night time and day time are a forgotten notion. You sleep when you can... when the baby lets you.

It's cool though. I am sort of enjoying the fact that the only commitment I have is caring for Fenix. I do not have to be anywhere. I don't even have to pick out an outfit. No meetings. No tasks due. No release to get out or bugs to regress. My life was consumed with those things before so a break from all that is just what I needed.

And you know... I am just loving every single moment of motherhood, yes even the poop diapers.

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