Tuesday, March 18, 2008

100 things to do..... 1-20

(thanks haydee!)
  1. have another child (a little girl?!)
  2. purchase land and build a custom home on it
  3. master the double bass
  4. speak fluent japanese
  5. travel to japan
  6. memorize all of the asanas
  7. ride a longboard (instead of walking) on city streets
  8. get a few more tattoos
  9. get a degree
  10. travel throughout africa
  11. live in a country where english isn't the primary language
  12. snowboard in the french alps
  13. knit myself a sweater
  14. sew a dress, a skirt, a pair of pants and a jacket (for myself)
  15. donate a large sum of money to a charity (at least $5000)
  16. become famous for something good
  17. write a book and get it published
  18. meet my inlaws in ireland
  19. trace my family history back as far as i can
  20. build a tree house


Anonymous said...

please, for your own sanity. don't build a house.

Reese McG said...

LOL i wonder who this could be... ;-)

jay mcgee said...

but "the project in the garage" is going so well! :)

Haydee said...

neat! I'm looking forward to seeing your's and what you'll cross off next year.