Sunday, March 23, 2008

goodbye cords, hello skirt

I came across a project on cut out and keep the other day that totally inspired me. It's a pretty basic idea - you take your old jeans or pants and turn them into a skirt. This was right up my alley.
You see, I am very guilty of holding onto clothes that don't quite fit properly in hopes that I will some day regain my girlish figure. This is not happening folks. That's where this project comes in since it's good for those old pants that are really cute but are a little too snug in the thigh and ass region.
Click here for the tutorial.

Check out my finished version below. I have another pair of these cords in yellow and I'll be skirtifying them in short order. Notice that I took a little more care in the finishing than what is shown in the tutorial by using the cut off pant leg to form a panel in the front and back of the skirt. This makes a more a-line silhouette which is more flattering on someone with a curvy figure (such as myself).


Haydee said...

it turned out super cute. I envy your mad sewing skills!

Anonymous said...

oh God i feel old...they did this in the 70s...before you were born. only they were "maxi" skirts. ugh!
it's very cute, taree!
i remain,
whatshername (the ancient)