Thursday, March 20, 2008

behold! the vernal equinox is upon us.

Oh yes, spring has sprung. I'm so happy about that. It means that the weather should be turning nice in the relative near term and the morels should be popping up in our yard any day now! It's actually not a disgusting day (yet) here in Seattle and that's really bringing me some joy right now.

Enjoy some images from last spring and have a happy day:


Lauren said...

pike place market is handing out daffodils downtown - everyone is so smiley and happy, walking with their beautiful yellow flowers. cloudy day or not, it's spring!

Reese McG said...

oh how awesome! see? spring makes everyone feel alive again after the doldrums of winter.

pamguin said...

Cool pics. I had rain, snow and hail today. Just thankful that we can finally see the grass. Maybe someday it will turn green again.