Tuesday, March 4, 2008

new boots. i needs them.

For some reason I'm obsessed with getting a pair of (or a few pairs of) new boots. Yeah, I know I'm kinda late since it's like nearly spring or whatevs but just the same, I want them. I'm a big 'boots in warm weather' sort of person.
I envision a really cute jersey knit dress (built by wendy - i already bought 4 yards of bamboo jersey fabric!), a wide belt that sits low on the hips and some really cute boots. But not just any boots. In staying true to my vision they need to be a very specific kind of pull on boot (no no no zip ups - the calf part musn't be fitted), like these:

or these:

or most definitely these (gotta love the fluevogs):

jason, are you reading this? let me know if you need to know where to buy these :-)


Haydee said...

oh ya, I get this too. I get obsessed with a perfect outfit and I must get all pieces. I was obsessed with finding the perfect purse last season. (and you say you're not a girly girl...:p)

jay mcgee said...

I'm always reading!