Thursday, May 15, 2008

and we're back....

Well that was a really great trip. Our only regret is not having the time to see more people and do more things.

So let me recap the highlights for ya. We stayed with my sister and her husband in their very adorable (and much larger then ours) house in Englewood. My sister lives next door to the house where I grew up. We spent alot of time sitting around telling stories, taking care of the babies, playing with the Wii and making each other laugh. Most of the time my mom, and other sister were around too.
Here is a pic of me and my sister and one of her twin babies:

Another one with my mom, Feeny McG, the twins (Sebastian and Sienna) and my other sister:

When we weren't chillin' in the cut with my family we were out and about. We made a trip to the Ikea of clothing and accessories, H&M, and both got a few cute things. We made our way through 50 and 45 Rock where we both used to work and that was intense since we were rolling around down there with Fenix. It was crazy to think about the time when J invited me to the Rock center Christmas tree lighting party that his company held. That was when I met some of his friends for the first time. It was also the first time when we held hands in public and we really were starting to look like a couple. Then suddenly there we are... married and pushing our son in a stroller through those same halls. My how things have changed.

On another day we went out to Queens to see Jason's uncle and cousin. We had a nice lunch at a diner (I miss diners!) and just spent time talking and catching up. It was cool to see the place where Jason first lived when he moved back to the east coast.

Here's Fee with Jason's uncle:
We also made 2 trips to Staten Island. My Italian twin, Chris lives out there with her husband and their freaking adorable son Jake. Jake was born 3 weeks after Fenix. I am so jazzed that they finally got to meet each other and they hit it off famously. I mean like for real, they were holding hands and babbling at each other for a really long time. I even have video proof of this but certain technical difficulties prevent me from posting said video today. So you'll have to settle for this still photo as proof thereof:

and a cute one of John and Fenix:

When we were with Chris and her husband we did plenty of eating. We also spent alot of time comparing various baby notes... "does he do this?", "oh yeah he does that", etc.. etc... It was cute.

We also went to see my grandparents. It was awesome to see their faces light up... finally got to see their first great grandchild.

At one point we tried to get a pic of all three babies together. This was not exactly a success but it was funny. Fenix was hamming it up and the twins were soooo not interested. Check it out:

J ended up going into NYC one night to hang out with his friend Mike. They went to J's cousin's bar, The Emerald. They also had brunch, shot pool and swung at the batting cages at Chelsea Piers. I am sad that I didn't get to see The Emerald but it was cool that J got to spend some time with his good friend, unencumbered by wife and baby. On his way to NYC he met a guy at the bus stop that carved this amazing bass:
Here's Mike swingin for the stands:

And J being an uberdork (but we love him):

My cousin came up from Virginia to see Fenix and the twins. She brought her dog with her. His name is Shoney and he is very cute but I think all our loudness made him nervous.

Regrettably I did not take pictures of any of the food that I ate because I am too greedy to pause and take a picture when a delicious meal is placed in front of me. We ate lots of bagels and pizza. I have the belly to prove it. We ate lots of yummy italian food too. I had a delightful pint of matzo ball soup, piping hot from Sol & Sol Kosher Deli in Englewood. We did not make it to Baumgart's and we spent almost no time in Hoboken - again, not enough time. For Mother's Day we went to Dos Caminos on Park Ave where Jason proposed (it was packed and they happened to sit us at the SAME TABLE and no we did not ask for that!). Jason gave me a really cool pair of titanium hoop earrings. I love them. We rented a Prius for the trip and now I desperately want one. Everyone showered Fenix with so much love and nice material things, I am blown away by their generosity and kindness.

So we are glad to be home but it's bittersweet because we definitely had a good time in New York and New Jersey. I can't wait to go back and see everyone again next year.

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Lauren said...

what a wonderful trip! it seems like you were gone for so long. i'm glad it was so full of love. more pictures!! xo