Friday, May 16, 2008

The jerz

OMG jersey was the most fun I have had in effing forever. we spent a lot - a far majority - of our time at Wife's sisters house with her sister and husband and their newborn twins and Wife's other sister and her mom and her cousin who drove up from Virginia and her other cousins and aunts that live in town and visited her grandparents and my uncle and cousin and my best friend mike and my cousin's pub in NYC and T's best friend and her best friend's little son and oh. my. god. our little man got so much love it was just awesome.

Interlude, it's Thursday, the day after we returned home to Seattle and I've departed again to fly to the east coast for work. Due to editing this probably won't be posted until Friday. I am on a plane when writing this, and I'm writing to tell you that peeing in turbulence sucks. The bloody mary was all right, though. donut worry, tho, I was not actually peeing when I wrote that. I wrote it back at my seat. also, I always wash my hands. always. and I spilled club soda all over the little tray attached to the seat back in front of me. yes, I am "that guy" that spills stuff all the time, and trips over stuff, and whatever else. I had no napkins so had to wipe it up with my hat. good thing it was club soda! now all I need to do to make sure it doesn't leave a stain is to blot it... with club soda! get it? yuk yuk...

sigh, if Wife were here she would be rolling her eyes and she would say get on with it already except it would be "under her breath", haha, as if there is such a thing. end interlude.

My family/community growing up in the 206 (* & **) was my sister and my parents. Period. When Wife was growing up she went to school she with a whole giant group of cousins. Though they were not literally her brothers and sisters they may as well have been. Wife always had someone to look out for, someone that would look out for her, someone to eat lunch with, someone to could call that would beat someone up so nobody messed with her, someone to walk home with, to play with, to eat dinner at their house or vice versa, to go to the mall with, to take vacations with, and the list goes on and on. and on.

The biggest thing missing from my childhood (in retrospect, of course - yuk yuk), was family. Or better yet, community. Wife and I have talked for a long time about the differences between our childhoods, and while we each had our own personalized b.s. to deal with, we both turned out okay. Anyhoo, the biggest difference - and by difference I mean *my opinion* of the most important factor that was different from her upbringing to mine - was family or community or whatever you want to call it.

Wife and I have talked on and off about the number of kids we want, 1-2 or 2-3. Given the propensity for twinning in her family, that's 1-2 pregnancies. The joke is that what I want our boy to have is more siblings and cousins than you can shake a stick at - like Wife had - and it doesn't really matter if we have 2 or 3 pregnancies, we simply are not getting there on or own.

being in NJ was bittersweet. we got so much love that it made it really hard to leave.

* referring to the greater seattle area
** yes, that refers to area code 206. yes, I currently live in the same area where I grew up. yes, the area I currently live in now is area code 425. HOWEVER!, during my childhood it - and everything else in Washington State west of the Cascade Mountain Range - was area code 206. So it fits, all right?

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Haydee said...

this post made me cry. my husband had the same experience growing up. I've been resistant to wanting more then one child and he's wanted more. You post made me totally understand why. Thank you.