Friday, May 16, 2008


As you may know I'm traveling for work currently. Writing this on Friday while tooling around Richmond, Virginia. Currently I'm chilling in the airport pub waiting for my flight back to the 206 (via Chicago for ****s sake, cross your fingers for me). the music in applebees sucks, thanks for asking. now I'm freeeeeeee, freee-fall-iinnnnggggg.....

After the turbulence-a-licious flight T described below we navigated home, unpacked, and stayed a night in our own bed, then I got up and flew back to the east coast so I could do some work today. I already posted about the awesome spill that happened on my flight from Seattle to Saint of the Louis. the flight from STL to Richmond was interesting. I had the ONE CARRY ON AND ONE PERSONAL ITEM like they said I could have, but my carry on was too big to fit in the overhead bin because it was a small plane. Not "how much do you weigh" small (it had a bathroom!), but small.

that plane had some problems. when we were taking off one of the doodads covering the light on one of the seats near me just... fell to the ground. the plane was old, and being old made the plane sad. I went into the bathroom and there were a few things about that made me laugh. one, there wasn't the regular bi-fold/accordion door to enter, it was a sliding pocket door. the accordion door would have smacked one of the people in the last row on the elbow. oh, the seat configuration was window seat, aisle seat, aisle, window seat/aisle seat. 3 seats per row, like 35 rows to the plane or something.

so I walk to the back of the plane and slide the pocket door open. the first thing that I see - as it's right in front of me - is the sink. I know immediately that I will not be washing my hands after this trip to the bathroom when I see a cylindrical blue and white container in the sink with four words clearly visible:
antibacterial wipes

kills germs

ok, so the water doesn't work. I can work with that. I mean, it's lame and everything, but whatever. also, they charged for snacks ("just four bucks for chips!") but didn't take credit cards, which was a bummer since I ran out of cash on the turbulence-a-licious flight the day before.

anyhoo, fly from NJ to SEA, then fly from SEA to VA the next day, an overpriced cab ride to the hotel, six hours of tossing and turning, and it's time for breakfast. I always *try* to eat well when I travel, and ... whatever. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. mostly depends on where I go and what's available locally.

In particular I try and have a good breakfast. Today I hit a home run: check out the omlette, bacon, home fries, grits, juice, coffee (and yogurt, not pictured because I ate it while the dude was cooking my omlette) that I nabbed at my hotel:

lets everyone raise their glasses for a safe trip home! be good!


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