Friday, May 16, 2008

another great purchase

While we were in NJ, Fenix had the chance to play with some of the twins' toys. One of those toys was an activity gym. I had avoided buying one because as you know, I am weird and loathe the idea of garish plastic toys cluttering up my home. However, once again the happiness of my child overrides any desire that I have for a home that doesn't look like a nursery school. So today I bought one. I went with this one:
It's made by Boppy and it costs about 65 bux. I like it because the attached toys are mostly made of fabric (not nasty plastic) and the whole thing has a very small footprint. All of the little designs on the mat are really cute. It also has additional tabs so you can hang other toys on it. The little butterfly toy that hangs down in the middle has lights and plays music if you squeeze it's head. Very trippy.

And most of all, Fenix likes it. He has been laying underneath it for the last hour and a half, quietly swatting and babbling at the toys, occasionally pausing to suck on his hands. I folded laundry... I washed dishes. This thing has already paid for itself.

If you want one too.....

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