Friday, May 30, 2008


Did you know...

On this day many a year ago Joan of a Ark or Arc or Arch or whoever was burned at the stake? Man, what a way to go. No, thank you.

One of the groovy things about living in the Seattle area is how far north we are. Though I grew up here, I didn't realize "the north effect" until after we moved here from NY/NJ. If the story is to be believed, we are the city farthest north of any Major League team. Think about that: Chicago, New York, Boston! Take that, Toronto!

What that means for our day to day lives... Its all about the light & the weather. In the winter it can get gray and oh so dreary. The days in winter are short, dark like a storm is coming, and cloudy. in short, they suck.

fun fact: it rains more in NYC than it does in Seattle, and has for years and years. people in NY always have something cute to say about the rain in seattle. it rains on more days of the year here, yes, but it still rains less here overall. it's all about how fast it comes down. in Seattle in May it rains an average of 2.1 inches. When we were in NJ a few weeks ago in rained more than two inches in one day. in NY in May it rains an average of 4.7 inches. it rains more there, bitches! end interlude.

Seattle days in summer... ah, the days in summer. we live for the days in summer. the days in summer are loooooong, often cloudy in the a.m. and sunny in the afternoon and early evening. if it's cold in the morning then it generally will be warm in the afternoon.

speaking of light: we will have 16 hours of daylight today, and we're not even to the solstice yet. 16 hours!

16 hour days mean more time for grilling. we got a new grill a week and a half ago and have already made burgers, sausage, steak, and fish tacos. thank goodness it's grilling season again!

happy friday, world!

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