Saturday, April 5, 2008

M is for Movies

For, oh I don't know, a year or so now, Wife and I have not been watching too many movies. Just one of those things that got lost in the shuffle of work and taking care of Son and chores and scoring blow. Last weekend Wife went out with her girlfriends and I stayed home with the Fenix. I was looking forward to a quiet night at home, just me and the birdman, so I stopped by the movie rental place before Wife left for the evening. It was a lonely stroll for me along the new release wall, only seeing garbage that I had no interest in watching. girls gone wild has it's place and everything, but I saw as much Ashely Dupre as I could stand from the news.

Eventually, I ran across Stephen King's The Mist, which was a story I had quite a bit of affection for since listening to it as an audio book back in the day. It was one of those stories that I thought would translate really well to the big screen.

With a spring in my step, I picked it up and headed for the checkout counter for the obligatory 15 minutes of incompetence. On the way I picked up another movie that I knew Wife would like as well, No Country For Old Men.

For me, I waited until dark and watched my little suspense movie and really, really enjoyed it. Liked it so much I convinced Wife to watch it the next morning while I made breakfast and did things around the house. I had forgotten that I'd rigged up the sound system to play movies through the receiver, not through the TV, and was excited when I realized that I was going to watch a movie in wide screen format and with the full sound experience.

It seemed like years since I'd sat in the dark and just *watched a movie*, not multi tasked goofing around on the computer or doing some other thing at the same time. It was nice and simple and ... just nice. Very comforting.

The next night Wife and I watched the second movie, appropriately first waiting for after dusk - scary movies really are better in the dark.

M is for movies! Watch one yourself soon. . . and don't do anything else - just enjoy the movie.

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