Wednesday, April 2, 2008

B is for baseball (and baby!)

So this week marks the beginning of the baseball season. Much to our surprise the Mariners did not suck in their game against the Rangers. But we still have the whole season for them to f*ck it up :-)

Anyway I should have known how delighted my little boy would be at the sight of a baseball game on the tv. He smiled so brightly when I slipped the Mariners onesie over his head. This kid was born to love baseball! I can't wait till he is old enough to go to a game and actually appreciate it.

Here are some pics from opening day:

"I want some rally fries!"

Learning the rules of the game:


jay mcgee said...

alas, in their second game, the Mariners tried harder to lose than the Rangers did. and lose they did.

I love how Sexon got six pitches with the bases loaded. none of them were strikes, but he still managed to strike out. just awesome. :)

jay mcgee said...

yesterday at this time the m's were in first place!! :)

Reese McG said...

yeah! and raul ibanez sux! (fenix asked me to leave this comment)

whatshername said...

i believe 'them' yankees won yesterday.

tyesha said...

i want to go to his first game with you guys. he is so cute.