Thursday, April 3, 2008

we interrupt this nablopomo themed month.....

to bring you this special bulletin.

The time has come. My exciting life as a SAHM is coming to a close. It has been grand and I get really sad thinking about how it's going to end soon but mama needs to pay the mortgage.

I hope to find something that will allow me to start mid May or the beginning of June this year because that is when I will have fulfilled some personal obligations (trip to NYC - YES!) and will be able to put Fenix into the daycare facility that we found and really like.

Also I can only work 3 days per week so that is another prerequisite for whatever position I find. Surely this job exists in Seattle (yeah, I don't think I'm up for the cross lake commute to the east side).

And if you are saying to yourself... 'Now what do I really know about this Reese McG person? Maybe she's a total slacker? Sure she is cute and clever but would I want her to work for me/with me??'

Well consider this(!), I am a person who:
- has outstanding technical skills.
- has a keen eye for detail.
- has strong work ethic.
- is passionate about doing a great job.
- has primarily been a software test engineer but can do a bunch of other jobs really well.
- is funny and friendly but never in a weirdo, overly familiar way.

See? I'm awesome right? I eagerly await your responses :-D may now return to your reading of letter themed posts.


Haydee said...

You should go into interior design! that would be perfect for you I think.

Anonymous said...

i see that you are now calling yourself reese mcg, i know who you really are...

there were 3 demos today and i have proofs to make, the processor has to be cleaned and there are used cups of spittle in the demo center that need to be thrown away. if you can do "them" three things, have i got a job for you.

oh, and i forgot, label, label, label.


Reese McG said...

LOL. oh salmon. how can i forget you? you gave me my very first hellish job experience! and let us not forget all the mopping that needed to be done and all the developer and fixer to dump down the sink drain (I should have called OSHA on his ass).