Sunday, April 13, 2008

G is for Green (Festival)

So we ventured out to the Green Festival today. The entrance fee was $15 but we got in free because we had one free pass (thanks Kathleen!) and then a kind soul just walked up to J and gave him another. Score!

In case you don't know, the Green Festival is an event where a bunch of exhibitors come together to present their products and services that promote green living. I think I was the most excited about all of the kids and baby stuff and the really lovely women's apparel made from eco friendly, organic fibers like bamboo, hemp and cotton. J was most into all of the products and services for making your home more green (photovoltaic panels, low or no VOC paints, tankless water heaters, etc...). There was also alot of free organic food and drink being given away. I have a giant bag of wheat/dairy/soy free granola, several packets of tea and mate, chewy kids vitamins and a bunch of other yummy looking stuff.

I should also add that as much as I hate the whole "green is the new black" thing that is happening in this country right now, I feel like if you are going to spend your money on something you might as well make good choices.

I wanted to buy alot of things but I had self control and we actually only bought 1 thing. As you know we switched to cloth diapers a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to explore the all in one diapers (we are using prefolds and wraps). Fuzzibunz and Bumgenius both had booths but I wasn't totally in love with either. I wanted something made from organic natural fibers.

So we got this starter kit that came with one Growing Greens hemp fitted diaper, one Kissaluvs fitted diaper, a cute wet bag for stashing the dirties when you are out and about, and another Bummis super brite wrap (we already have 2 of the Bummis wraps).

The Growing Greens can be worn without a wrap and they are one size fits all so they are probably my favorite right now. I can't wait to use them - both of the diapers that came in the kit are incredibly soft and plush. I wish they made undies for grownups out of this material. If they work really well I will definitely buy several more for Fee.

The Kissaluvs (we got the green one):

The Growing Greens (they only come in the color shown):

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